Apple will fix iPhone 8 and iPhone X Global Positioning System issues soon


Before the new software was released, Apple suggested a quick fix that had users updating their keyboard settings for the letter "i".

Are you getting a unusual symbol when you try to type the letter "I" on your iPhone?

Another fix in the update deals with situations where they "Hey Siri" command stops working.

The Verge first reported about the new update.

Last Friday, a few days after iOS 11.1 was released to millions of iPhone users, a very odd bug started popping up. The autocorrect issue was introduced by the iOS 11.1, which replaced the typed "i" character to letter "A" followed by the question mark symbol.

Aside from Apple Pay Cash, another important content of the iOS 11.2 public beta 2 is the fix to a unusual autocorrect bug. It wasn't possible before as users had to visit via a Mac or PC, but in an updated support document, Apple details how it's now possible on iOS.

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Still dealing with that annoying autocorrect bug on your iPhone?

While Apple has given users a lot of reasons to upgrade, like new emoji, ARKit-ready apps, and built-in screen recording, there are a number of other reasons some may be holding off.

For now, the service is available for U.S. customers only with iOS devices on 11.2 or later.

This is it for now, folks.

iOS 11.1.1 is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and it focuses on fixing two specific bugs. Share your views with us in the comments.