IPhone glitch creating typos for users


It is because an iPhone glitch is creating typos.

For Phrase, type an upper-case "I".

The odd problem was first highlighted on Reddit where user TheCravin noted that 2 of their friends were suffering from the issue on their iOS 11.1-running iPhones.

In response to this Apple has given a fix to the problem.

They also published a temporary fix on apple-dot-com.

The issue appears to impact iPhone users on its most recent mobile software, iOS 11.1.

This story originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

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Here the user can resort to text replacement. The first step is for users to go to the Settings menu, tap General, go to Keyboard then tap Text Replacement.

Are you getting a unusual symbol when you try to type the letter "I" on your iPhone?

Apple also uses machine learning to identify new words that are being used by its customers - for example, the name "Harambe", which entered common usage after the shooting of a gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo - and syncs those words to iOS and macOS devices. Some of which include 70 new emojis introduced (including clothing options such as headscarf, insane face, gender-neutral characters, smiley faces and fun creatures like genies and vampires), 3D Touch App Switcher gesture and a reachability dock overlap issue.

"The buzz around the Apple's newest iOS and the arrival of new emojis was quickly subdued with folks complaining about the odd noticeable occurrence on their social timelines. iPhone users noticed instead of the letter "I", they would see either "A [?]" or "![?]" in its place.

The reason behind the bug is unclear, and while a significant portion of iOS 11.1 users are experiencing the problem, not everyone is seeing it.

It's not uncommon for new software to have bugs.

Apple on Tuesday is set to finally launch its previously announced person-to-person payments service that will let you pay the babysitter, split dinner costs with pals, pay your share of rent to a roommate, or reimburse the kid who cuts you lawn, all through the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. This bug affected the phone's lightning Earpods and poor network signal.