What Carlos Correa's teammates knew about his World Series proposal plan


As Fox Sports analyst Ken Rosenthal was interviewing Correa after the game, Correa said, "Right now, I'm going to take another big step in my life". "Daniella Rodriguez", he said, pulling a large, pear-shaped diamond sparkler from his pocket. Carlos had originally been planning to pop the question after Game 6, but pushed the plans back a day after the Astros lost that game, according to Alex. Correa asked. Rodriguez put her hands to her mouth and replied "Oh my god" before saying yes. "Will you marry me?" "Daniella Rodriguez, you make me the happiest man in the world".

In the middle of a TV interview after the Astros' victorious Game 7, Correa got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez to marry him. "We waited until the door opened in the morning, till the door opened at 9:15 a.m. and we were literally the first one to get the wrist band".

"I can't really explain it, pretty cool", Gooch said about his experience Friday. "I didn't have a Plan B so I'm glad we won". "I guess, 'Let's go to the beach, ' or something, " Correa joked. "The only thing I was telling her about during those days was baseball, baseball, baseball". The Astros beat the Dodgers with a final score of 5-1 in Game 7, clinching the series by taking their fourth-game win over the Dodgers' three-game win.

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"It was something that I never imagined him doing, especially there", she said. So I was literally in just the complete dark about this. He had actually given the ring box to a clubhouse attendant, instructing him to slip him the ring if he won.

Subtle humble brag, Correa!