Violence hits Druze village Hader in Syria's Quneitra


Manelis did not specify any actions that could be taken by Israel, but denied any claims that Israel is involved in the fighting in Golan Heights, or is assisting jihadists there.

The village of Hader is populated by members of the Druze, a minority religious sect present in Syria, Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon.

Quneitra province in Syria, where Hader village is located, is particularly sensitive for Israel because it lies next to the Golan Heights area that Israel captured from Syria in 1967.

"In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, terrorist groups carried out a heavy attack on Hader, and army units and the Popular Defence units (pro-government militants) clashed with the attackers", SANA added.

Hader, a town just inside Syrian territory, is reportedly being targeted by the Nusra Front, formally known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

According to Haaretz, the IDF pointed out that if Israeli military intervention had been required, the assessment was that the air force and artillery would have been deployed.

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After the suicide bombing on Friday morning, the IDF promised to "support the [Hader] village residents and work to prevent any harm or the occupation of the village, out of a commitment to the Druze population".

The PA ministry's statement reflects the opinion of the Syrian government, which accuses Israel of supporting terrorist groups in Syria.

The Israeli Druze who broke through the fence did so in response to a major battle that was transpiring throughout Friday morning in Khader, where earlier nine people had been killed and 23 injured when a auto bomb exploded.

Salman Fakherldeen, a founder of the al-Marsad Arab Human Rights Centre in the Golan Heights, told Tazpit Press Service (TPS) that some additional IDF troops arrived in the town overnight between Thursday and Friday, but said there has been a noticeable increase in the army's presence in town in recent hours.

But the Jewish state has been careful to avoid actually being pulled into the conflagration. The army said they damaged "security infrastructure" in the process. Those include the violation of Israeli sovereignty through deliberate or accidental attacks, Iranian-supported militias taking positions on the Golan border, and attempts to transfer advanced weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist group.