Switch sales almost double Nintendo profit outlook


Overall, Nintendo recorded total sales valued at 374 billion yen, with overseas sales accounting for 272 billion yen or 73 percent of the total. So now Nintendo expects to ship 14 million by the end of March next year.

At launch, Nintendo managed to sell 2.74 million units in the first four weeks.

That's a lot of games in just under eight months!

Rocket League is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, finally, later this month, just announced today.

But stores are struggling to stock the Switch for eager customers. Amid outsized demand from makers of smartphones and electrified vehicles, the company is seeing "intermittent shortages of various parts", even transistors and other commodity-grade components, said a Nintendo procurement executive.

While Wii U was seen as something like the end of the game for Nintendo, Switch has fueled new life into the company.

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Some have found it hard to buy a Switch because of supply shortages.

The company told Reuters that it's again upping the number of Switch consoles being produced, with president Tatsumi Kimishima stating: "We've boosted Switch production in order to meet strong demand from our customers as it was hard for customers to buy the consoles at retail stores". Motion sensors in the controllers direct in-game movements.

The size and importance of the Switch sales number from Nintendo can be well understood in light of the Wii U performance. It shows the updated forecast of Nintendo Switch and 3DS hardware and software sales forecast.

Its Super Mario Odyssey released last week is also expected to increase sales for the second half, the firm said.

The company still faces competition in the gaming arena from the advent of virtual reality.

KitGuru says: The Nintendo Switch is certainly doing well for Nintendo.