PlayStation Will Announce At Least Seven New Games Tomorrow


Sony seems to have started a trend for themselves to sit out of GamesCom event. They even mentioned that "E3 was only half the story", so now we're obviously intrigued. Playstation Experience is just a couple months away!

Paris Games Week 2017 starts this Monday, October 30th, and Sony will be kicking things off with the announcement of seven new titles for PlayStation 4 and PSVR, as well as twenty-one updates for current titles.

Sony has announced that there's still plenty to come in terms of video game announcements this year with big plans to announce more games at Paris Games Week on Monday.

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According to the announcement, the pre-conference livestream will host seven new game announcements for PS4 and PlayStation VR, plus twenty-one updates on already announced games. After that, the media showcase will begin for which Sony is promising to give its fans "an exclusive new look" at the next wave of PlayStation titles. You won't want to miss it. Of course, they're likely going to be games for 2018 and later, but hey we can't not get excited about it. The event is set to live stream on YouTube and fans will get to see the announcement in real-time. With the poor sales that Vita brought in, the amount of gamers either asking for a new portable system or new Vita games is kind of surprising.

The post also states that after the Showcase there will be more information about the games that we'll be able to see.