Nintendo's Animal Crossing is finally coming to mobile


Nintendo's on the verge of releasing its next major mobile game.

If you've played any of the existing games in the series, the opening scenes of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will seem familiar and even a little comforting, especially if you're anxious that the experience of playing on your phone will be vastly different than what you're used to. Your goal is to make friends with the cute and chill animals, improve your cute and chill house, and do cute and chill activities like play hide-and-seek or find fossils to donate to the village museum.

Playing as a new campsite resident, players will be able to travel to different areas of the site in their customisable camper van, and be tasked with populating their site with amenities, furniture and more. Pocket Camp introduces Leaf Tickets, which can be "earned through regular gameplay or purchased using real-world money".

Pocket Camp appears to be very much like most Animal Crossing games, though instead of managing a town, you're running your own campsite.

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is scheduled to launch in "late November". It also requires an persistent internet connection to play. The thirst for Animal Crossing is real right now!

People got a bit excited when they heard the news.

You visit a forest to pick berries, and you visit a beach to go fishing. Select the one you want to use and put in a fake address from there.

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The game will launch for free across both iOS and Android.

Does Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have microtransactions? There will also be friendship levels for the other animals, which can be increased by performing errands or handing over gifts.

Bells are still the in-game currency of choice, though, and you can collect these in the usual way of shaking trees and selling items you don't need.

Packed with cute animal campers and Animal Crossing style, the latest mobile title from Nintendo follows in the footsteps of games before it like Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. For notifications when it goes live, you can pre-register on the official site.

With the right craft materials, you can have the hardworking handyman Cyrus make just about anything you need to customize your campsite.

Watch the full Animal Crossing Direct below for all the details.

Your camper can be customised at OK Motors, whether that be by filling it with furniture or decorating the exterior, while seasonal events will, hopefully, keep your returning to the game over time - promising limited-time furniture and outfits.