Amazon announces Alexa powered security camera along with a new delivery service


When the delivery driver arrives, Amazon verifies the address and delivery time and allows him or her into your home. In the United States, it is common to see packages left on the doorstep of homes or buildings by the drivers. But Amazon Key adds an unpredictable element back into the tech-efficient equation, one that typically companies like Amazon are trying to do away with: humans.

Well, what if Amazon could place packages inside your house? Ever since it has joined some benefits to make delivery quicker and more comfortable, prime buyers can get the same-day delivery on some items. Amazon is pushing even further into the smart home space, a market it's made big strides in, thanks to the huge popularity of its Alexa devices.

Find out if Amazon Key is coming to your city. You'll be able to watch it happen live or later via a recording from the cam.

The Amazon Key program will provide features beyond home delivery of packages, the company said. The idea of setting up a $250 system that allows strangers into a person's home when that person isn't around (and links itself to a mandatory in-home surveillance network!) sent screaming heebie-jeebies down the spines of many, many Twitter users Wednesday. For those who might not feel comfortable with strangers letting themselves in and out of their home, Amazon is trying to ease your anxious mind with its smart security camera. When a driver is set to drop off a package, Amazon uses an "encrypted authentication process" to let them in, rather than revealing your unlock code. Amazon says that to start, it'll only work in 37 cities and that it comes at no extra cost to you (even home setup is free by a professional).

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"The Chicago Tribunes's Robert Channick points out that the service is "[arriving] just in time for the holiday season, when porch piracy is at its peak. It's also a way for Amazon to entice you to prioritise its services.

But buying those components - the Amazon Cloud Cam and Amazon Key-compatible smart lock - could be a bit pricey. Eventually, Amazon Key will expand to include other in-home services, such as house cleaning, pet sitters, etc. Amazon is planning to sell them in bundles and offer a subscription service for customers who want video archives and advanced home monitoring, putting the product in direct competition with Alphabet's Nest brand and others in the smart home space, like Ring and Logitech.

Those simply wanting to let in friends or other guests will also have that option. Then the delivery worker just swipes a button on the app that unlocks your door.They will open the door just a crack, slip your package inside, and lock the door again by swiping again.