Trump, Supporters Go On Offense After Report Of Clinton Tie To Dossier


The report claims that Marc E. Elias paid Fusion GPS to conduct the research that led to the production of the Trump dossier. "So while I didn't know that that meeting took place (the Clinton campaign's lawfirm acquisition of it) it at the time, I'm glad that Marco and whoever else was aware of it at the time authorized it and went forward with it. Clinton campaign paid for the fake Russian Federation dossier, then lied about it & covered it up", Sanders tweeted.

Fusion GPS is then said to have employed Mr Steele, a former MI6 officer, who produced the dossier.

But the biggest revelation from the Washington Post report is the direct link between the Clinton campaign and the lawyer who retained Fusion GPS, which later funded the dossier.

There was just one problem with the version of the Washington Post story that the RNC reposted on its website: a line stating that prior to the Clinton campaign picking up the tab, the research was "funded by an unknown Republican during the GOP primary" was notably absent.

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Trump suggested, without evidence, last week that Democrats, the FBI, Russia, or a combination of all three may have been responsible for financing the dossier.

Attorneys for the political consulting firm behind the infamous Trump-Russia dossier accused a Republican lawmaker of abusing his power to punish the president's political enemies. Buzzfeed defended publishing the salacious dossier by saying it was in the public interest, and that readers could decided for themselves if it had any validity. The DNC and Clinton campaign engaged Fusion in April to "perform a variety of research services during the 2016 election cycle". They reportedly withdrew from the agreement after Steele, who was known and well respected for work he had done on a global corruption probe, was identified in news reports. Certainly there's nothing unusual about a campaign or a party committee investing in opposition research, and all the story shows at this point is that said opposition research ultimately led to some very odd materials.

In May, Trump fired Comey, which led to the appointment of Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel investigating the Trump-Russia matter. Last week, two partners in the firm appeared before the House Intelligence Committee but refused to testify. Fusion GPS had been resisting attempts by congressional investigatory committees to reveal their bank records so that the source of the dossier could be discovered. Consider what Steele would write in the memos he filed with Simpson: Source A-to use the careful nomenclature of his dossier-was "a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure".

Fusion GPS and the bank must let the court know by 3 p.m. Thursday if the parties reach a settlement. The deal never came to fruition but a report of the findings was passed by FBI Director James Comey to then President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump shortly before January's inauguration. And you know, people shouldn't lose sight of the fact that as far back as February of this year, Don, CNN reported and others have subsequently reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bob Mueller's team have corroborated many key aspects of the dossier.