Taylor Swift Meets 'Blade Runner' In Steamy 'Ready For It' Video Teaser


"Taylor Swift teased her upcoming music video for her single "... Ready For It?' on Instagram, stating the full video will be released on Thursday.

The Telegraph and Daily Mail criticised the pop star's video for her "shocking" nude suit, reminding readers that she had once claimed that she did not need to remove her clothes to sell records. Thereafter, she transforms into a cyborg and fights a group of villains. We see Taylor wearing huge hooded cape as she enters a dark underworld.

Beyond the apparent references to "Ghost in the Shell" and the moody rain-soaked streets of "Blade Runner" in the new video, fans also spotted several similarities to Swift's video for her 2014 single "Out of the Woods".

She has a whole new crop of ex-boyfriends to admonish in her songs and projects a far more sexual image.

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On Sunday, Taylor held a listening party for fans at her home in Los Angeles, where she previewed tracks off her forthcoming sixth album "Reputation".

It's hard to know how well the video will work with the song's lyrics, which fans believe are about Swift's current beau, British actor Joe Alwyn.

But no matter what happens in this music video, it's clear that the feud between West and Swift isn't coming to an end anytime soon. or at least the public's obsession with it won't. "Gorgeous", the third song released from the album, dropped last week. The singer's stomach appeared to be flat in the picture as she posed back-to-back with the fan.

Swift has never appeared in pubic in anything less than a bikini, although a few years ago, nude photos, purportedly of her, went viral.