'Move the World' video promotes Detroit for new Amazon headquarters


In advance of Thursday's submission deadline, Greater Spokane Incorporated submitted Spokane's proposal to become the future home of Amazon's second headquarters.

You can read the entire propsal below. She said a lot of the cities placing bids have similar strengths, which is why some may have chosen to be so visible in their efforts.

Is the city of Memphis a longshot or sleeper possibility to land Amazon's second headquarters? Little Rock also couldn't meet other requirements cited by the company, including that the location be within 45 minutes of an worldwide airport. The mayor said the city is backing the bid assembled by Gary and the Northwest Indiana Forum as well. Calgary's bid mentions the large volume of office space already built in the city and empty due to widespread lay-offs.

With a project that could see Amazon spending as much as $5 billion and hiring 50,000 workers, it has resulted in a mad rush of metro areas around the country submitting bids to the online retailing giant.

Mr. Thomson said he still isn't sure Amazon would put its second headquarters anywhere outside of the USA, but said the company may like the comparative ease of attracting and moving foreign employees to Canada compared to the United States. "At the same time, Northwest Indiana has the population, cultural diversity and range of communities to meet the tangible and intangible needs of Amazon as a company and as an employer".

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He also believes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would not be deterred by U.S. President Donald Trump's strong protectionist sentiments if he otherwise favoured a Canadian location for business reasons.

"It's probably not going to happen", said resident Daniel Gegenheimer. It would be close to a new Google Sidewalk Labs mixed-use neighbourhood planned for the east side of Toronto, known as Quayside.

Three other regions of the city are also offered as suitable locations.

Amazon is expected to make the announcement sometime next year.