Plex Gets An Exclusive Update For Xbox One Bringing New Features


Just like the Xbox 360 titles, gamers will be able to insert their physical discs in order to download digital versions of the original Xbox One games. It focuses on speed and ease-of-use, and is available to download on Xbox One now.

Coming up on the 2017 holiday season, the IDC predicts that almost 45 percent of console-buying shoppers have plans to pick up a mid-generation hardware update like the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro rather than a basic current generation console or last generation system.

Xbox One update: What's new?

Here are all the exciting new features coming to Plex on Xbox One.

What does the Better Together update brings? The Home tab has had a major overhaul as it now features a way for users to have more pinned apps and games.

Players can also look forward to the new home interface. So instead of getting an update for console owners, Microsoft released a new game. You can start downloading 4K enhancements for games ahead of time from your current console, so you can move them to your Xbox One X after launch and play them immediately.

When playing a game, you'll have the option of seeing who in your friends list is also playing that game.

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The guide has once again been positioned horizontally and allows quick access to different sections via the controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.

Then there are blocks, a new way of organising your favourite games and friends.

The Xbox One S 2TB model is now available over on eBay for just $329, and it's available in the launch white color, which looks mighty nice.

In an interview with MCV, Yamashita said that Microsoft hasn't been very supportive to Japanese publishers. There's a new Mixer tab in the dashboard that'll display popular livestreams that you can watch, and it should be easier to set up and initiate Mixer broadcasts while in-game too.

The Fall Creators Update will be released today, but you'll still need to wait for a few more hours before you can install it on your PC. All of them are accessible through the Xbox One's Settings. Pressing the guide button now brings the guide to the forefront and all the features are now laid out horizontally.

The update will modernize some of the game's systems.

Under "Console", select "Keep my console up to date" if it isn't already.