Coloradans participate in flood of personal stories of assault in #MeToo movement


The "Me Too" movement seeks to empower victims to come forward and discuss their experiences, while showing others that they are not alone.

Another response made the unfortunate but all too true claim that "women who've "only" been harassed, not assaulted, consider ourselves lucky".

Within hours of Milano's tweet, more than 34,000 women - and several men - had replied to the tweet. However, experts caution that many official stats on sexual assault and harassment are inaccurate, mostly due to victims not wanting to report an attack or not understanding what constitutes assault or harassment. I'd be surprised if I have any female friends without a few stories of being groped or grabbed - or worse - by boys and men, usually starting at around age 12.

Milano recently penned an essay in response to Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults, including statements by her "Charmed" costar Rose McGowan that Weinstein raped her.

Actress Alyssa Milano, has been very outspoken and she's using social media to show the scale of sexual harassment of women.

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Because I was shamed and considered a "party girl" I felt I deserved it. "You've given me the courage to finally speak out and not be afraid".

"We shouldn't have to out ourselves as survivors in order for people to grasp the magnitude of how systemic assault & harassment are", one tweet read.

In solidarity, scores of women vowed to leave Twitter all day on Friday, and used the hashtag WomenBoycottTwitter. After the backlash, Twitter lifted the suspension and said it would "be clearer about these policies and decisions in the future". So, yeah, of course, me too.

Milano spoke out against Weinstein on her website, Patriot not Partisan, on October 9, four days after the New York Times story was published.

Radio journalist Anais Dent was one of those sharing her story, writing: "First journalism internship in Paris, I was 18". "This is a sick culture. We must do better for women everywhere".