Oculus Unveils Its Budget Virtual Reality Headset


Facebook has unveiled its new Oculus Go virtual-reality headset, which functions without being plugged into a computer or paired with a phone.

Called the Oculus Go, this latest headset bridges the gap between Samsung's smartphone-powered Gear VR and Oculus' fully-fleshed out Oculus Rift. But, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, this device will be the "most accessible VR experience ever" tagged with a $199 price.

The Go was described by Zuckerberg as sitting in the "sweet spot" between PC VR and mobile VR and will likely spawn some interesting mid-range content both in the gaming market as well as other VR experiences. The last VR system wasn't a hit, and its sales reflected it. Analysts say that this might be the Facebook's last chance to launch a VR if the public doesn't appreciate it.

More details around the Oculus Go is set to be announced nearer launch.

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In a blog post with the announcement, Oculus explained that Oculus Rift and Touch Controller bundles will see the new price in effect starting now, while purchases of the bundle will also include six free games and apps, including Robo Recall and the creative tools Medium and Quill.

The virtual headset would be competing the brands by start of the year. And the VR headset fits neatly into that mid-priced territory where Samsung's Gear VR lives (that at $129) - a gadget consumers don't see as completely outside their budget.

"I do believe that if Oculus wants to serve this market appropriately, they are going to have to also offer services that address enterprise needs and not just sell them a 'business kit, '" he said. Additionally, the Oculus Go has improved lenses that reduce glare. The company has not revealed detailed specs of the VR headset.it claims that it uses high-resolution fast-switch LCD screens. While on the subject of comfort, the Oculus Go features a breathable mesh fabric for the facial padding that should help negate some of the sweatiness found after long stints in VR.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also planning to convince the corporate world to jump into VR by introducing a new way through which companies can take advantage of this technology. Spatial audio is built into the headset though there always is the provision to go for a 3.5 mm headphone should one look for a more intimate listening experience.