SNES Classic Mini hack hits Github, kills your social life


According to reports, the hack was discovered by programmer Alexey Avdyukhin, who released a program that would allow users to plug their SNES Classic Mini to their computers and download additional games, as well as software packages. You'll learn the three central ideas behind the game's development, how Miyamoto's inability to work multiplayer into Super Mario games led to him pushing the team at HAL to put them into Kirby, or even that the demo footage of each of Super Star's games was played by Masahiro Sakurai himself.

The SNES Classic Mini is the 16-bit, retro version of the SNES, but it only comes with 21 games out of the box - we can assume that a lot of them involve moustached men in dungarees - and "Cluster" does not feel that this is enough. It must be noted that the trademark includes no details about the devices, but the image in the tweet makes is clear that it is for the gaming fans. "And the portable all-in-one system that doesn't deplete smartphone batteries could prove appealing to new fans", says Fortune. Could Nintendo be plotting more, though?

A trademark application this broad is, of course, no indication that Nintendo has any plans to release a Classic Mini Game Boy but it's interesting timing given the recent release of the SNES Classic Mini.

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A trademark citing does not always mean a real product, but a fact that can't be denied is Nintendo's Classic Edition brand has enjoyed a massive success.

The trademark was filed on September 15, and included this Game Boy image. The Game Boy was small enough as it was, thank you.

Super NES Classic Edition had a pretty successful first month since it was sold out in most of the biggest online stores in just a few days. It is unclear if and when that might happen since 2018 is most likely the year we'll see the N64 Classic Edition (if it ever materializes).