Amazon launches All-New Kindle Oasis for $249.99


The Oasis also comes with a built-in Audible app so users who like audiobooks will like this a lot.

Accordingly, the new Kindle Oasis has been created to address some of these shortcomings.

Rival ereader companies like Kobo have had waterproof devices on the market for quite a few years already. Amazon says the size bump allows 30 percent more words on a single page. With Whispersync for Voice on the new Kindle Oasis, you will be able to listen to an audiobook while in the vehicle coming home from work, then switch back to the textual version when you get home - everything will by perfectly synchronized on the same Kindle. The device is also equipped with 12 LEDs to provide uniform display lighting. Amazon also says that software updates has made its page turn animations much faster, which will be good for voracious and slightly-impatient readers.

It's all wrapped up in a new, graphite aluminum chassis. The old Oasis was 131g without the battery cover and 238g with it on. "And it's built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool".

The battery is now totally self-contained, rather than being split between Kindle and case. So you could listen to some of it on the way into work and then carry on reading where you left off at lunch. Courtesy of fast-charging, you can recharge the whole thing in just two hours.

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In addition to the physical changes, the Oasis also supports Audible playback. Because it doesn't have a speaker or a headphone jack, though, you have to use Audible through Bluetooth headphones or speakers, which seems a bit kludgy.

The design is very much as laid down by the original Oasis, with a slim body behind the display and a pronounced bulge at one side, housing all the brains and the battery.

Coming to the unique feature of this Kindle, its water resistance, it is IPX8 certified.

Arguably most impressive is the price. But Amazon is all about the customer, so the company chose to give it a name that literally means something to customers - the Oasis. Customers will also be given the choice to buy the audio version of a Kindle book they've just purchased for the reduced price of £2.99. For the standard 8GB version that allows downloads over WiFi it'll cost you £229. It packs more storage space, too, with 8GB and 32GB options available. There is also cellular connectivity 32GB model costing $350. The cover opens like a book, automatically waking the device when opened and putting it to sleep when closed.