Why Blade Runner 2049 Flopped So Hard


A worldwide total of $82 million means the film isn't a complete bomb, but Warner Bros would have been hoping to pass $100 million over the opening weekend.

The studio will be hopeful that strong word of mouth - should audiences agree with the many critics who have heaped praise on the stunning movie - will give the film legs at the box office.

During my conversation with the actor ahead of "Blade Runner 2049's" release I quizzed him about the hysteria that surrounds any possible update to his tenure as the Joker, suggesting that it has to do with the fact that Marvel release 2 to 3 films a year.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and laden with special effects, the film carries a US$150 million price tag.

With "Blade Runner: 2049" now in multiplexes across the country, we chose to put together a list of some of the greatest sequels in Hollywood history, and consider what made them great.

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Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein, said, "We're disappointed it didn't have a stronger result in North America". "The real trick now is to expand the audience past older men".

"We did well in the major and high-profile markets", he said.

The film produced by Ridley Scott has a stellar Rotten Tomatoes score of 88% Fresh. The fact of its 163-minute runtime also likely played a large role, restricting its number of plays per day and an audience willingness to sit through almost 3 hours of film.

The Mountain Between Us is a 2017 American romantice survival adventure film directed by Hany Abu-Assad and written by Chris Weitz and J. Mills Goodloe, based on the novel of the same name by Charles Martin. The feature film to the hit children's TV show stars the voice work of Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, and Uzo Aduba.

The critical acclaim puts the new "Blade Runner" in an exceedingly exclusive club, as few sequels have ever managed to upstage their predecessors.