Rick & Morty Creator Responds to McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Promotion


McDonald's surprised Rick and Morty fans on Sunday when they announced extremely limited return of the infamous Szechuan Sauce and it turns out, they surprised creator Dan Harmon as well.

You'll notice that the promo page doesn't explicitly mention Rick and Morty, though each order for the Szechuan sauce is accompanied by a free poster (while supplies last) that's vaguely alien-themed. Later in the episode - following a prison break, multiple mind swaps and Rick's casual destruction of a galactic empire - he reveals to Morty that his only real motivation in life is getting his hands on the discontinued Szechuan sauce.

McDonald's is playing into the show's popularity as it uses the now-famous sauce to roll out its new buttermilk crispy chicken tenders this weekend.

Szechuan Sauce is a former Chicken McNuggets condiment. In the third season Rick and Morty premiere episode, "The Rickshank Rickdemption", Rick is interrogated by a member of the Galactic Federation (as voiced by Nathan Fillion), who wants to know what the secret to Rick's portal gun is.

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An Omaha restaurant is expected to have only 40 packets, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

We have good news and bad news for local fans of "Rick and Morty".

Badger State Szechuan sauce chasers can also find it in Beloit at 45 State St. and in Milwaukee at 1614 E. North Ave., 2455 W. Wisconsin Ave. and 6631 W. North Ave. "Even if it takes nine seasons!" Now the question becomes whether one goes to McDonald's to eat the sauce or to hoard the sauce and turn a profit when it becomes insanely rare and inexplicably valuable again. A tweet showing pictures of the jug and a customized carrying case garnered more than 342,000 likes and 142,000 re-tweets. One of the lucky winners put their jar up on eBay, where bidding reached excesses of $15,000. The sauce was sold only for a limited time, and since it wasn't part of their main menu, it quickly disappeared shortly after the film hit theaters.