Brazil nursery attack: Children set on fire in Minas Gerais


A further 25 people - mostly children aged between four and five - were hospitalized with burns, with some requiring specialist care at a burns unit in the state capital.

In a horrific incident, a Brazilian school guard reportedly burnt four kids at a nursery school at Brazil's southeastern state of Minas Gerais on Thursday.

A security guard doused alcohol on some toddlers in a day care centre and cruelly set them alight in an attack in Brazil, horrifying the nation. He died in hospital of his wounds.

Although a police investigation has begun it is not yet known what led the security guard named locally as Damiao Soares dos Santos, aged 50, to carryout the attack which left 15 others in serious condition in hospital.

The attacker threw gasoline on himself, the children and the nursery before setting the whole room on fire.

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"My little girl was so good, so smart", Nelson de Jesus Silva, the father of one victim, Ana Clara Ferreira, told Globonews TV.

Police have been to his home and visited friends and relatives in an effort to understand his motive.

Janauba Mayor Carlos Isaildon Mendes has declared a seven-day mourning period. Evacuation would have been more hard.

Brazil's President Michel Temer said: "I am deeply saddened by this tragedy involving children in Janauba, and I want to express my solidarity with the families".