Sony reveals updated PlayStation VR headset


Not exactly a second-generation version of its virtual reality (VR) headset which made its debut previous year, the new PS VR is more of a smartphone-esque refresh, likely created to make the headset as appealing as possible with Xmas and the holiday season approaching. It also features an updated Processor Unit to allow users to enjoy HDR-compatible content on a smart TV "without having to disconnect the Processor Unit from the PS4 system or the TV". Previously, you needed to plug your headphones into a panel incorporated into the headset's primary cable, which was prone to tangling.

On top of that, the cable connecting the headset and the Processor unit is slimmer for better usage comfort.

No timing for the headset's release was announced, but the price will remain the same as the current model.

Sony has confirmed via its USA blog that the PlayStation VR unit is getting a minor hardware update. It will be available in Japan from 14 October. Still, we'd love to see some improved tracking for the headset's 180 degree single-camera solution, or some improved motion controllers.

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How can I distinguish between the old PS VR headset and the new one when I'm purchasing? While there's no launch date for that model in the US, it may be worth holding off until it launches, especially because Sony is promising that prices won't change. The new CECH-ZCM 2 J features a USB port. Additionally, the company has announced that the new upgraded VR has HDR passthrough support.

The updated FAQ from Sony confirms that all PSVR games are compatible with both headsets.

The house of PlayStation sent in a press kit, with the first images showcasing the changes, which are visible, but only if you squint (but the fact that the images are in massively high resolution helps, I guess). The revision will also carry a new model number.