So Cute!: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Make Rare Appearance Holding Hands


The Grammy award-winner, looking less than amused, deadpans, "I remember", to which Gosling happily asks, "You do?" before they both burst into laughter. Naturally, Gosling attended the after party, which was held at Tao Restaurant in N.Y.C., and Mendes was there to celebrate, too. Ryan Gosling starred in the fake commercial for style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels. At one point, Gosling was laughing so hard that his body was visibly shaking.

Overall, the entire episode felt like the team is determined to repeat a successful formula found in Season 42. Seriously, just give McKinnon her third Emmy now. Gosling featured in some freaky sketches, including romancing a chicken, overreacting to a restaurant menu switch, playing a flute player in a bar and a man obsessed with the font on the "Avatar" poster. It's unclear why a 2009 movie was the premise of a sketch airing in the year 2017, but Gosling was especially good here. There was the cold open, which mocked Donald Trump's response to Puerto Rico and his criticism of the NFL. He told the President "This isn't that complicated man, it's hurricane relief. I see my old pals, the grey aliens with the big, stupid, fat eyes, and I'm hit with the realization: first time I've been on a second date since twenty-oh-nine". Here are a few clips from last season to get you warmed up.

Relationships like these make us realize that celebrities are actually just normal people with fairly normal lives. And why oh why was this thing six minutes long?

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However, even with Ryan Gosling's presence, the main standout of the show was again Kate McKinnon.

But perhaps the highlight of the night came from the totally off-kilter, prerecorded sketch about the papyrus font used in the "Avatar" logo. And what missed the mark?

Baldwin has confirmed that he will be back in action this season beginning with an appearance in the Season 43 premiere this weekend on NBC.