¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to silence Catalan independence vote sites


The Catalan government has already vowed to push ahead with the referendum on October 1, which the Spanish government considers illegal.

Despite long-standing assurances from the State Department that the USA would take no stance on the upcoming Catalonia referendum, President Trump couldn't help himself while hosting Spain's Prime Minister, loudly endorsing Spanish unity. "All the referendum's logistics have been dismantled", the Spanish government's representative in Catalonia, Enric Millo, told reporters on Tuesday.

Speaking days after Spanish police arrested 14 Catalan officials, seized nearly 10m ballot papers and chartered ferries to accommodate the thousands of extra police officers who are being sent to Catalonia to stop the referendum, Maza rejected suggestions that the government was being heavy-handed. What is clear is that even if the vote was taken and did result in a call for independence, Catalonia would not be recognized by any other state.

Trump said he opposed the referendum and wanted a united Spain.

In an order to police issued on Monday, the prosecutor's office said they would take the names of anyone participating in the vote and confiscate relevant documents.

Trump noted that the region had long asked for independence but argued that if "accurate polling was carried out", he was confident that Catalonia would "vote to stay with Spain".

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The shutting down of online information about the referendum is just one part of a concerted effort by the Spanish government to stop the vote from taking place.

As tensions surrounding the vote builds, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has canceled his trip to the Estonian capital of Tallinn for a European Union summit on Friday, Spanish media reported.

Senior Madrid government officials said on Monday that authorities had done enough to prevent a meaningful referendum in the region as Catalonia lacked an election commission, ballots boxes, ballot papers, a transparent census and election material. "They are excluding half the population", Dastis said.

Police have seized almost 10 million ballots for the vote and have closed down 59 websites that provide information about the referendum.

Many, including the central government, also say that a wide-ranging constitutional reform is also needed that would include specific articles to protect the Catalan language and culture and would be approved by a national referendum.