Kenyatta's supporters protest negation of elections


Kenyatta said the Supreme Court decision to nullify his presidential election win was the most painful moment of his life.

Mr Tobiko was responding to the lobby's petition that he investigate and prosecute certain officers of the IEBC for the illegalities and irregularities noted by the Supreme Court in the summarised determination of the presidential election petition.

The decision to annul the election was an unprecedented move in Africa where governments often hold power over judges.

Western diplomats have expressed their concern at the rising tensions in Kenya, urging politicians not to incite violence.

Their failure to follow a court order and verify the results meant that the election was "neither transparent or verifiable", forcing the court to declare the vote invalid.

This has been set for 17 October, however, on Monday the French IT firm which supplied the electronic voting system said it would struggle to be ready in time.

Kenyan police mounted barricades and blocked roads around the Supreme Court before the announcement of a detailed judgment on the annulment of last month's presidential election.

The board overseeing the 2017 vote did not have all the tally forms when it announced results, and some forms lacked security features like water marks, signatures or serial numbers, which calls their authenticity into question, the court said, adding there was no evidence of individual wrongdoing.

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Gikaria singled out Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu and Justice Lenaona whom he claimed favoured the opposition in the ruling that nullified the August 8 presidential elections.

Furthermore, the IEBC was unable to explain what had happened to the results from over 11,000 polling stations which were required by law to be sent to tallying stations.

"The (board) can not therefore be said to have verified the results", she said.

The opposition National Super Alliance won a court petition this month to have the outcome annulled, saying President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory had been brought about by computer-aided rigging.

While the judgement was being read out, police fired tear gas outside the Supreme Court to disperse opposition supporters who had gathered to support Mr Odinga.

Kenyatta says his criticism of the Chief Justice should not be viewed as an attack on Maraga's Kisii community.

The verdict by the six-member bench was read out by Chief Judge David Maraga amid an atmosphere of threats and intimidation for the judiciary, which was accused of favoring the opposition leader Odinga.