New Amazon Fire HD 10 adds Alexa hands


The Fire HD 10 is available on October 11th and is only available in the United States at launch.

Add hands-free Alexa into the mix and you're looking at a product that's a no-brainer for anyone looking for a cheap, no-frills tablet.

The more premium aluminium shell is gone, though, swapped for plastic.

Amazon, in a news release today, have announced "the next-generation" of their Fire HD 10 tablet, touting better specs that are clearly meant to allow the device to stay somewhat competitive with the other big names in the tablet market. It's not as advanced as more expensive tablets, like the iPad, but has some compelling new features, including longer battery life (up to 10 hours) and faster performance for gaming and watching movies.

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"For less than £150, the all-new Fire HD 10 offers a attractive 1080p Full HD display, plus faster performance, more storage, and up to 10 hours of battery life", said Kevin Keith, General Manager, Amazon Devices. Amazon typically sells its gadgets for little or no profit to boost sales of its retail and web services like Amazon Prime subscriptions and digital content. Amazon tablets will also be getting a software update with a dedicated recommendations page to push the download of new movies, music, and books, Amazon said. Another key addition to the tablet is support for handsfree Alexa voice assistant.

Even though Amazon slightly updated its Fire HD 8 over the summer, the same was not said about the Fire HD 10, which hasn't seen a true refresh in nearly two years. The new flagship Fire tablet basically sets out to improve on everything that was deficient in its predecessor.

It seemed to work well in our testing and Alexa can open up apps when you've got your hands full or you're in the middle of cooking. This, the firm claims, makes the tablet 30 per cent faster than before. You can even find out about the weather.

Until now, Amazon tablet owners had to settle for sub-Full HD displays. If all you want to do is watch videos, flick through Facebook and do a spot of online shopping, the Fire HD 10 is ideal. Sure, Apple will sell you a 10.5-inch iPad Pro for $650 or more, if you think you need to draw attractive works of art with a $100 stylus.