Just-Married Mnuchin Requested Government Jet to Honeymoon, Then Reversed


Another way to provide Mnuchin with access to secure communications was instead found, and the Treasury Department deemed his request to be unnecessary, officials said.

On Wednesday night, a spokesman for Treasury said Mnuchin had made the request earlier this year so he could have "secure communications" during his flight, but was able to obtain them without a government jet and withdrew the request.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One after viewing hurricane damage in Florida, Trump said that he had just heard about the report that Mnuchin had initially sought to use a government plane for a honeymoon trip to Europe last month.

The Kentucky travel spurred Treasury's Inspector General to launch an inquiry into the couple's trip which the Treasury defended was to conduct meetings on tax reform.

In an interview with CNBC, Mnuchin also said the administration would consider making tax cuts effective back to the start of this year if a measure didn't pass until 2018.

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The use of such a jet would be highly unusual for a secretary of the Treasury, as military aircraft are typically reserved for cabinet members that deal directly with national security.

The revelation about the request, which was first disclosed by ABC News, quickly drew a backlash on social media, with critics accusing Mr. Mnuchin, a multimillionaire former hedge fund manager, of seeking to use taxpayer funds to finance his personal travel.

President Trump has repeatedly called for bringing the corporate tax rate down from its current 35 percent to 15 percent, but on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin acknowledged that may not be possible. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could also cause more problems for tax reform, emboldening Democrats while frustrating House Freedom Caucus members who are in the dark and plan to not move forward with a budget resolution until they are filled in on the specifics of tax policy.

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