Paris and Los Angeles confirmed as Olympics hosts in 2024 and 2028


International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach will visit LA at the end of the week, four days after the International Olympic Committee session in Lima ratifies the decisions for 2024 and 2028 on Wednesday.

The last American city to bid for the Summer Games was Chicago, losing the 2016 Olympic vote to Rio de Janeiro. IOC President Thomas Bach has opined a bidding process that "produces too many losers", and throughout the spring did not dismiss notions of awarding two Olympics simultaneously.

Past Olympic hosts had seven years to prepare from when they were awarded the Games to their staging, compared to LA's 11.

The IOC also said the double choices of L.A. and Paris are considered historic, and the last time two hosts were decided at once was in 1921, when Paris was chosen to host the 1924 games and Amsterdam was chosen for the 1928 games.

The race began early in 2015 with a different USA candidate but the abysmal public support for Boston forced that city to part ways with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) who turned to Los Angeles instead just days before the application deadline.

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Bach said the unanimous International Olympic Committee decision would secure the future of the Games and ensure successful Olympics.

Hosting the Olympics is nothing new for Paris, although it has been a while. The 2028 bid will bring the Summer Olympics back to the United States for the first time since 1996, when the bid was given to Atlanta.

The Summer Olympics haven't taken place in the USA since 1996 when they were hosted in Atlanta, though Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. After initial reports indicated that Paris was the favorite to host in '24, L.A. leaders indicated they were willing to host in '28. Following an attack in Munich in 1972 in which a Palestinian terrorist group killed 11 Israeli team members and Montreal going deeply into debt to host in 1976, no other cities bid to host those Games. Although an independent analysis of a budget for 2028 will not likely be completed for months, it is not expected to vary drastically in cost or approach and the L.A. City Council approved the switch to '28 in August despite not having a complete picture of the financial aspects of the decision. AB 132, which promises $270 million, is now making its way through the Legislature.

The LA Games have a budget of $5.3 billion and will essentially follow the plan they had in place for 2024, including housing athletes at the UCLA campus.

Paris also has a planned $1.44 billion Olympic Village that will be located near the River Seine.