Death toll from quake in Mexico hits 90


Mexico's history of earthquakes: Residents of Mexico City often think about earthquakes after one in 1985 killed 5,000 people and destroyed large parts of the city, the LA Times reported.

Federal Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development Secretary Rosario Robles said in an interview with Milenio Television that on Saturday she had accompanied the Oaxaca Governor on a tour of several municipalities in the state. 15 deaths have been reported in Chiapas and 4 in Tabasco.

Hardest hit was Juchitan, a Oaxaca state city where 36 people died when the magnitude 8.1 quake toppled buildings. But they warned that those figures remain preliminary.

A strong natural disaster hit southern Mexico around midnight Thursday, killing at least 32 people and triggering a tsunami warning.

Earlier President Enrique Pena Nieto said more than 770 tremors have been registered in the aftermath of the strongest quake to hit Mexico since 1932.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said waves of 3.3 feet (1 metre) above the tide level were measured off Salina Cruz, Mexico.

Hurricane Katia is strengthening as it bears down on Mexico's Gulf coast.

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Residents braved hundreds of aftershocks to clear the city's streets, but a number of funeral processions brought traffic to a standstill, halting military convoys that were transporting food, shovels and sledgehammers.

The official added that the storm had left some 70,000 people without electricity and caused damage in 53 of the Gulf state's 212 municipalities, Reuters reports.

He said most of the damage appeared to have been in the isthmus region, particularly Juchitán.

It was slightly stronger than the 1985 quake, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

One of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in Mexico and a raging hurricane dealt a devastating one-two punch to the country, killing at least 61 people as workers scrambled to respond to the twin national emergencies. Two people died in mudslides after heavy rain fall.

The centre's forecast said Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala could see waves of a meter or less. Another, an infant on a respirator, died after the quake triggered a power outage. Officials said four people were killed in Chiapas, near the epicenter. He also said that the quake damaged hospitals and schools.

The epicentre of Thursday's quake was in the Pacific Ocean, about 100km off the town of Tonala in Chiapas.