Pyongyang diplomat says North Korea-US tensions are not Mexico's business


Mnuchin said that Trump would consider the order "at the appropriate time once he gives the United Nations time to act".

In South Korea, thousands of police officers in riot gear swarmed 400 protesters who had been occupying a road leading to the site where THAAD is installed in the rural town of Seongju.

Chinese president holds telephone calls with Macron and Merkel to discuss NK nuclear issueDuring a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron on September 8, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized once again that Korean Peninsula issues should be "resolved through dialogue".

The comments came as Trump has continued diplomatic efforts to encourage China, North Korea's number one trade partner, to pressure the rogue regime to end its development of intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as its nuclear program.

"I'm not defending the marshall of North Korea, I'm not defending him, I'm not defending the fact that what he does is for his country and his leadership", Rodman replied. She said it might press for oil exports to be considered a humanitarian exception to UN Security Council sanctions. "This leads nowhere", Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, alongside his South Korean counterpart Jae-in.

However, he then added: "I think there is a chance there could be peace but then again, I say that a little bit reluctantly".

Moon, who took office this year advocating a policy of pursuing engagement with North Korea, has come under increasing pressure to take a harder line.

She said the USA would seek a vote by Monday.

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Outside experts have been unable to verify North Korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb Sunday, but say it's plausible.

President Donald Trump has warned North Korea multiple times to stop or the United States would have a "massive" military response.

The Council has adopted Resolution 2356 designating high-ranking North Korean government officials and the military's Strategic Rocket Forces Command for individual sanctions.

Last year, China shipped just over 96,000 tonnes of gasoline and nearly 45,000 tonnes of diesel to North Korea, where it is used across the economy, from fishermen and farmers to truckers and the military.

Despite pessimism about discussions with Pyongyang, a USA official speaking on condition of anonymity said there was a chance that economic pressure, especially from China, combined with an agreement to negotiate could convince North Korea to limit its nuclear arsenal or even sign the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. So far, 75 nations and organizations have joined the chorus decrying North Korea's weapons program.

In May, China test-fired a new type of missile into the Bohai Gulf amid anger over South Korea's deployment of a sophisticated USA anti-missile system to which China has fervently objected.

"Washington's statements about having choice options, as well as attempts to use unprecedented aggressive sanctions and pressure to intimidate us and make us reverse our course, are a huge mistake", he said. Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang clarified later today that China would support the consensus of the UN Security Council.

He has also publicly weighed scrapping a United States trade deal with South Korea in a bid to fulfill promises he made during the election campaign, and threatened to make South Korea pay for THAAD, even though it was Washington pushing for the system's deployment. Two launchers had already been deployed.