Xbox One keyboard and mouse support is still on the way


With the Xbox One X offering unprecedented visual fidelity for console gaming fans, many early adopters will be thinking about snapping up a new TV to truly make the most of those native 4K HDR experiences.

In a conversation at PAX West, Xbox Director of Programming Major Nelson and Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra discussed the timeline of game gifting and wishlists, stating vaguely that at least one of those is coming "very soon". The special edition has been sold out but the next shipment of the standard edition is going to come soon so stay tuned for that.

Although the decision will ultimately be in the hands of the studios, Microsoft will be open to have full support for mouse and keyboard.

"Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming", Ybarra said during the panel. This news comes from a mixture of both Mike Ybarra (the Xbox Corporate Vice President) and our very own information, which helped us fill in a blank.

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[.] "if you have a competitive game, people are probably going to want the choice to say I'll play with other keyboard and mouse people or I'll play only with controller people, or that I'll play with any of those."
Take for example Microsoft's own Age of Empires which has just received a revamp can only be played efficiently using a mouse and keyboard or console.

I'm sure many would appreciate it if Microsoft released the ability to gift games first. And this is even extending to non-gaming apps, like office UWP.

Even if this seems a disgusting news, it's no big deal as the Xbox One S has always been a better option according to most reviews. Microsoft will leave it to the work of developers on whether or not they go ahead with these features.

While this has been a long overdue update from Microsoft as many games play better with mouse and keyboard. But if the inputs are implemented the response, overall, will be incredibly positive.