Microsoft has officially discontinued production on the launch Xbox One


It was during this month that store shelves were finally running out of the launch edition of the original Xbox One. The company is no longer selling the original console in the United States.

Microsoft's Store at the USA no longer has the product listed for purchase while at UK Xbox One is still listed but shows sold out. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken language and hence Microsoft is planning to add the Arabic Language to the Xbox brand which is being pushed to more regions. It was a bulky console, sure, and we didn't really need the Kinect, but it was a marvel for Microsoft at the time, and introduced a plethora of features over the years that are now standard for the Xbox One S. Take care, old friend.

Microsoft has been hyping the hell out of the upcoming 4K-capable Xbox One X console, but the company has just ninja'd its Xbox One - killing it, and continuing to push Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X.

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The original Xbox One was first revealed in May 2013 at a highly criticized press conference. Then Head of Xbox, Don Mattrick, poured more gasoline on the fire by telling irate fans to go buy an Xbox 360 if they wanted to play online.

Can you believe that Microsoft released the original Xbox One back in 2013, but then the new and improved Xbox One S previous year which was 40% smaller than the original Xbox One.

It kind of makes sense, because the Xbox One S is a sleeker system and supports 4K Ultra Blu-Rays, whereas the original Xbox One doesn't.