All the hidden messages in Taylor Swift's new music video


By now, you've probably exhausted all your Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes skills to death after dissecting Taylor Swift's new music video, "Look What You Made Me Do".

Taylor's "You Belong With Me" persona looks nearly identical to her 2008 video, except her t-shirt now displays the names of her closest celebrity friends.

After all, before this video, Swift had shown absolutely no sign of even recognizing the criticisms that've been lobbed her way, let alone apologizing for them or working actively to fix her image.

And as far as Kim is concerned, "the whole feud ended over a year ago".

Who knows what Taylor's referencing to in her new music, all we can say is we cannot wait to see and hear a lot more from this blonde beauty.

Taylor slams someone for their "titled stage", which the "All Day" hitmaker had one during his 'Saint.

Taylor Swift unveiled her darker side in her revenge-seeking new music video, laced with fun jibes at both herself and her contemporaries. "It was time to change things up and take another approach".

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Swift has teamed up with Ticketmaster's new Verified Fan program to offer her followers a chance to buy tickets to her upcoming concert tour by participating in various "boost activities" until initial registration closes on November 28.

The video culminates in different iterations of her "former" self, from music videos and performances, falling down into the abyss.

From the robbery, we move into "Squad U", which appears to be a dig at the claim that all of her friendships are manufactured.

"What's with that b--?" asks one of the new Swifts about the zombie. The video closes with Swift's 2009 VMAs clone saying, "I'd very much like to be excluded from this narrative" - the exact quote she offered after the whole Kardashian-West phone call drama on Snapchat - while everyone else yells, "SHUT UP!" At the end of the scene, the new Swift rids herself of all of them.

"Stop making that surprised face". Swift's video also seems to pay homage to music videos from other artists.

One person said: "Taylor Swift got me dissecting metaphors and imagery like I haven't done since my book report on To Kill A Mockingbird in 9th grade".