Salisbury Stores Sold out of Solar Eclipse Glasses


It raises money to purchase new glasses, but also wants to use the so-called "Great American Eclipse" as a chance to stockpile the glasses. Most solar eclipse glasses manufacturers says the lens expire after three years.

But what should you do with those sun-gazing glasses once the eclipse has come and gone, especially considering the next total solar eclipse in North America won't be until April 2024?

The next total solar eclipse on Earth will happen on July 2, 2019, but most of the path of totality will be over the southern Pacific and southern Atlantic Ocean.

You could do as many probably did, toss them.

NASA says do not throw them out.

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The organization, Astronomers Without Borders, has taken to social media to ask people to send in their used - or unused - eclipse glasses. And this glasses-collecting effort is an extension of that mission.

Astronomers Without Borders is asking for donations of solar eclipse glasses to help distribute to schools in South America and Asia for upcoming eclipses in 2019. But now that all the celestial majesty has passed, what should you do with your eclipse glasses?

The organization said the response to the redistribution program has been overwhelming, and will be announcing the specific places you can send your glasses.

Of course, you can always keep them as a souvenir. It's a wonderful educational opportunity for a number of communities who might not have access to the glasses they need to safely view the eclipse, and Americans now have truckloads of eclipse glasses they don't need anymore. Just pop out the filtering lenses first and recycle the cardboard.