Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition announced for mobile devices


While it's possible that this could end up being a different game entirely for the Switch, it would be great if they could manage to bring the main game to the console.

Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Edition is a brand new adventure that retells the Final Fantasy XV story.

Alright, well, as near as I can figure, Square Enix said something about Final Fantasy XV and Nintendo Switch today at Gamescom. Riding the coat tails of the game's success on Twitch and YouTube and other video sharing and streaming websites.

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In the midst of the discussion, Tabata slipped in a hint of information that has lead some Nintendo Switch owners to believe the game is on its way to the hybrid system. We can't give you any complete, solid details right at the moment but for our policy writers we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game, with the franchise. This is just the start of Gamescom week, hopefully we'll have more big announcements to follow. There would certainly be some challenges considering the limitations of the console's hardware, but you never know what might happen. The game is divided up into ten separate episodes, with the first one being free to download. Of course, we'd all rather see the full version, but if the Pocket Edition is what the Nintendo Switch can handle, that might not be too bad with the console in handheld mode, particularly.

Square Enix and director Hajime Tabata is at Gamescom 2017, where they revealed that the Final Fantasy XV team is now thinking about making something on the Nintendo Switch. The regular game, or this mobile version?