PlayStation social accounts hacked, PSN may have also been compromised


The target this time was Sony PlayStation's official social media accounts, but the issue was dealt with quickly. The hacker group has previously infiltrated a slew of high-profile figures and companies' social media accounts, including, most recently, those of the hit USA television network Home Box Office (HBO).

Versatile - We are experienced in many fields of hacking and can crack anything from a network to a social media account. There are White Hat hackers who basically try to breach the security of companies or even organizations.

OurMine is a popular Saudi Arabian security hacker group that has hacked celebrity accounts in the past to advertise their security services.

According to the source, PlayStation Network Databases might also have been leaked by OurMine, tweeted out by PlayStation Brasil twitter handle.

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The Tweets that the group sent out when it hijacked the official PlayStation account have since been deleted, but not before snapshots could be taken. Earlier this year, they hacked WWE, CNN, Netflix and a few more social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Sony's hacking woes seems unending given the latest incident where OurMine briefly held control of Sony PlayStation Network's social channels. In the past they've hacked the Twitter accounts of Pokemon Go creator John Hanke, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The group claims to be a "white hat" organisation - that is, they claim they are merely pointing out flaws rather than stealing data.

The PlayStation Network was infamously hacked in 2011, which caused a 23 day outage. Presuming that they have successfully gained access to the PlayStation Network, it would appear to be publicity driven again versus any intent to directly profit or use the details to nefarious purposes.