Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau joined at Montreal Pride by Irish counterpart


Leo Varadkar says he wants to hold a referendum on the eighth amendment in the first half of next year.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he did not intend to cancel the president's proposed state visit, adding that Ireland's relationship with the USA is "much greater" than any one president.

He had spoken at a news conference earlier highlighting the importance of working with foreign leaders. "We can dance and celebrate today and celebrate milestones we have crossed, but there is still more work to do", Mr Trudeau said.

'Countries that are progressive, open and diverse, like Canada and Ireland have a responsibility to other people in other parts of the world where equality and equal rights are under threat and the clock is being turned backwards.

TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar was cheered from the rafters as he marched alongside his partner Matt Barrett at Montreal Pride on Sunday.

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He said the government is managing the unprecedented flow of predominantly Haitian asylum seekers and that all of them will be subjected to the usual security checks and evaluations before obtaining refugee status in Canada. "We need to stand up to homophobic..."

Montreal's Pride Week festivities came to a colourful and historic end on Sunday afternoon as the annual Pride parade made its way through downtown.

At an earlier event Sunday, Trudeau said that the celebration is representative of the kind of place Canada is, in contrast with an anti-immigration rally in Quebec City.

Mr Trump sparked outrage last week after drawing parallels between far-right racist groups and those who campaigned against them in Charlottesville.