Emilia Clarke Teases Kit Harington with a Jon Snow Video


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Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen might be hesitant to trust each other completely on Game Of Thrones Season 7, but off-screen, actors Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke seem to have the best of times.

This video comes right on time, because the last episode (Eastwatch) saw Jon Snow getting closer to Drogon who unlike other times, lets another human (Other than Danny) touch him. The post had received over 8.4 million views as of Friday morning. News, in a HBO clip Harington said of the dragon scene: "I quite liked that moment". But it sure looks like he knows how to be a dragon. Animals go on the smell of something. If you aren't caught up or have no heart, turn back now because adorableness is coming. "Hopefully that worked with the dragons".

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"She sees his interaction with her dragons and it's an attractive quality for her", Clarke added of Daenerys.

In effect, whether the confrontation to come between Arya and Sansa, or of political choice for drastic waiting Daenerys, Game of Thrones may be the opportunity to reconnect with the political dimension that made the initial salt of the series.