Lincoln Memorial Vandalized With Red Spray Paint


The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized early Tuesday morning and police are searching for the person who sprayed red graffiti on the monument.

Historic preservation crews said they applied to the column a "gel-type architectural paint stripper safe for use on historic stone".

However, a tweet from a reporter in the nation's capital showed that remnants of the graffiti remained this afternoon.

Officials said that Tuesday's graffiti was discovered around 4:30 a.m. The crew is applying a layer of the gel, rinsing it, checking how effective it was and repeating as necessary.

Silver shower paint was found Tuesday on a Smithsonian wayfinding sign in the 1400 piece of Constitution Avenue. Any words were indecipherable.

"The graffiti, which was done in red spray paint, says "(expletive) law".

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Several monuments were damaged with permanent marker during February, including the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the D.C. War Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Fox 5 reporter Lindsay Watts tweeted out a picture of the Lincoln Memorial vandalism.

"I served the greatest air force in the world, but to come here to see that is like a slap in the face", he said to NBC Washington. In fact, it's not the first time the Lincoln Memorial has been defaced this year.

In 2013, a woman threw green paint on the Lincoln Memorial.

Restoration crews took nearly a month to remove the green paint at the time.

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