Kendall Jenner says she tipped Brooklyn bartender in cash


Unsurprisingly, given that she comes from one of the most rich and famous families in the industry, Kendall quickly came under fire for her alleged tight-fistedness, but she's now spoken out amid the controversy.

After a widely reported accusation by a Brooklyn bar and venue that Kendall Jenner failed to tip on a recent $24 tab, the 21-year-old model and reality star responded Monday evening.

Kenny's response was to a fan who wrote on Twitter, "I love @KendallJenner".

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She must be so embarrassed over this, even if it's not true! Of course, someone snagged a photo of her receipt, in which her name and signature are clearly displayed, but there was no tip.

Baby's All Right bar posted a picture (it has since been deleted from their Instagram page) of a receipt that allegedly belonged to KJ.

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Kendall has come under fire in the past for her tipping habits.

I was a bartender and we lived off of tips.

At that point, their server ran out after them to ask them to pay their bill, the story goes. "This is the first controversial campaign she has been involved with", the source said. If the bartender or server confronts you, be sure to politely tell them you were disappointed by the service.

One user wrote, 'Ahahaha baby's out here exposing socialites, ' while another wrote, 'Smdh with all that money.

However, both Jenner's and Baldwin's reps have denied the allegations about the bill. I'm exhausted. Are you exhausted?