Intel unveils final members of Core i9 line-up


The 12-core/24-thread Core i9-7920X will be an impressive beast too.

Performance-enhancing additions in the new chips include up to 10% better multithread performance and 15% better single-thread performance over the previous generation of chips, Intel said. Along with confirming all the specs, Intel has also announced availability info for the new Core X-processors.

In either case, that's the promise of Coffee Lake-more cores and more threads than Intel's previous models-which should help the company fend off the resurgent AMD's Ryzen processors.

First of all, full specs for the i9-7920X reveal that the Turbo Boost frequency is 4.4 GHz, so it might not prove to be faster than AMD's Threadripper 1920X after all.

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Intel went on to tell us they would be releasing four models of Core i9 with 12, 14, 16 and 18 cores and prices of US$1199, US$1399, US$1699 and US$1999 respectively, which makes them the most expensive desktop CPUs that any can remember.

All the Core X-series processors are housed in a new LGA2066 socket, which is compatible with X299 chipset based motherboards. Multitasking becomes extreme mega-tasking with simultaneous, compute-intensive, multithreaded workloads aligned in goal, powered by up to 18 cores and 36 threads. Thus the platform offers up to 68 PCIe 3.0 lanes, which is great for I/O speed and expandability.

According to Intel, the desktop chips will cater to virtual reality applications, content creators, gamers and overclocking hobbyists. Compared to older CPUs, new Xeon designs have more cores that reflect on the chip's maximum dual-core frequencies. This new member has significantly more core than its predecessor Core i7 HEDT. It becomes harder to find workloads with the increased number of CPU cores. By that logic, it is unlikely an 18 core CPU will be able to run all the cores anywhere close to the Max Turbo figure of 4.2GHz. Those using abusive language or negative behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.