Intel Announces 'Ruler' Form Factor for Data Center SSDs


Intel is making the case to swap out old disk-based drives in data centers with SSDs, and as part of that it's showing off a new "Ruler" form factor. "Dual Port Intel Optane SSDs are a flawless fit for our shared NVMe solution, and E8 Storage allows most innovative customers like the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, to introduce these new SSDs into their applications without any modification to their existing infrastructure". In comparison, using traditional 10TB 3.5-inch hard drives would require a dramatically larger 4U rack, with similarly increased power supply and cooling costs.

Intel confirmed that its Optane and 3D NAND solid state drives would be available in the ruler form factor in the near future.

The new form factor removes size limitations imposed by 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays and sports a skinny, long shape.

I can't help but look at Intel's long, skinny SSDs and think back almost two decades to when I got my hands on my Quantum Bigfoot drive.

While none of these are going to end up in consumer hardware any time soon - though the Intel 3D NAND technology will, in other forms - you'll probably see the benefit anyway. It also has a new line of Dual Port SSDs on tap to replace SAS SSDs and HDDs.

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Intel's designed the technology so that it'll be easy to move from HDD to SSDs.

The Intel SSD DC S4600 and DC S4500 Series are targeted at HDD replacement in the data center.

Dual port Intel Optane SSDs and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs offer critical redundancy and failover, protecting against multiple paths to failure for mission-critical and high-availability applications.

Intel is yet to reveal more information about this new SSD as it has only teased the form factor right now. The new members of the second-generation Intel®3D NAND SSD family are available now.

The company says that this offering, along with new storage technologies, will deliver more IOPS, bandwidth, and lower latency than SAS SSDs. Samsung* drives evaluated - Samsung SSD PM1725a, Samsung SSD PM1725, Samsung PM963, Samsung PM953.