All The Legendary Pokemon Released In Pokemon Go So Far


After the release of Articuno and Moltres, Niantic have now released Zapdos into the wild in Pokemon GO. Make sure you have A LOT, which if you've been playing Pokemon GO a ton since launch, you should have. Golem still remains as one of the most effective counters in the fight, so do not forget to bring the Rock/Ground Type Pokemon along when you fight against Zapdos.

In detail, both Moltres and Zapdos will debut on August 7 and it will add on to the list of legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

Once Zapdos is defeated, you'll be able to encounter it. The former is a fire-type bird whereas the latter is an electric-type bird. And, since Ice attacks are strong against flying type Pokemon, you'll want your Piloswine to have an Ice quick move and an ice charge move! You're going to want a Dark quick move for Tyranitar (Bite is Tyranitar's only good quick move), and a Rock charge move.

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First things first, get yourself a raid pass, as you've needed for the other legendary birds. Gather your friends and find a Legendary Raid Battle near you!

P.S. We've created an awesome raid cheat sheet, which shows you the absolute best Pokemon to use in 3 & 4 star raids!