Middle-earth: Shadow of War Has Loot Boxes, Premium Currency


The loot and war chests you can buy with this currency uses the standard "Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary" rarity classifications. To purchase these items, players can spend Mirian or Gold earned throughout the game as the player progresses. During the livestream, where this was all announced, they had no information about how much real-world money that premium currency would cost.

The game has also generated a bit of controversy recently with developer Monolith's announcement to include microtransactions in the game upon release.

War Chests: provide Orc followers of varying rarity to help forge a strong army.

Loot Chests: Contain Gear (weapons and armour) of varying rarity. Gear varies in rarity, with higher levels giving Talion better ability boosts.

Other thins like XP boosts, War chests, Loot chests, and bundle packages will all also be available from the in-game market for players to purchase.

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Bundles: The Shadow of War market will sell themed bundles Monolith will switch out from time to time. One could contain stealth-based items and orcs, while another might help players seeking to add fire-based weaponry and fighters to their army. Loot Chests also have a chance to drop some XP Boosts which can be used to level up Talion faster.

Shadow of War microtransactions: What can I get with mirian vs. gold?

Though some people just don't care as it is a single-player game and Monolith explains that "no content in the game is gated by Gold", others have been much harsher, saying Monolith is just greedy and that they'll wait until the game is in bargain bins before purchasing.

For 200 gold - and we're not sure what the exchange rate is from Dollars to Shadow of War gold - you can get a gold war chest, which gets you three orc followers, one of which will always be legendary, two that will always be epic and two consumables. Essentially, it's a pay-to-win microtransaction system, and some fans are not happy.

Mirian is a form of in-game currency that players earn by playing the game. Everything a player can buy with Gold can also be earned in the game over time for free, but Gold gives players the option to acquire these items faster.

Shadow of War is shaping up to be one of the better-looking action adventure games coming this year - with its innovative Nemesis system, fluid combat and a plethora of improvements over predecessor Shadow of Mordor, it's not hard to see why.