This is the 2017 Google Pixel with large bezels


But what about the HTC-made Pixel 2, the smaller of the new Pixel line-up?

Reportedly, the Pixel 2 is expected to feature a 4.97-inch fullHD display and pack in 64 GB of memory. With this in mind, lots of details regarding the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been flying around, giving fans a clue of what to expect when the pair of phones makes its debut in a few months' time.

Are you already planning on picking up a new Pixel or Pixel XL this year? The Pixel 2 still looks to my eyes like a smartphone designed past year compared to Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 renderings seen recently.

Blass's report notes that HTC is building the Walleye version of the Pixel on Google's behalf while LG will handle work on the larger Pixel.

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Having said this, GizmoChina further mentions that users can pre-order these cases at MobileFun, where the images were spotted originally.

What are your thoughts on this leaked image of the Pixel 2?

Apple got rid of the headphone jack on their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus when they were introduced past year and other manufacturers have started to do the same thing. Last year's Samsung Galaxy S7 and this year's Galaxy S8 have IP68 dust and water resistance, a feature that prevents any damage in case the phone takes a dive of up to 30 minutes in water that is about 1.5 meters deep.

Additionally, as we've heard in the past, this latest report says that the Pixel 2 will have the ability to squeeze the sides of the phone to interact with the phone in some capacity. One closer look at the leaked image clarifies that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been replaced with USB Type-C port. Sure, it's nice to have front-facing speakers, but in an era where refined and futuristic looks are becoming the norm, the Pixel 2 might become outdated even before it arrives on the market. And yes, it does indeed look very much like last year's Pixel, only with a couple of design tweaks, a feature addition or two, and a feature subtraction.