Spotify Xbox App May Be Incoming, According To Insiders


Sony previously had an exclusive on the app for consoles a few years back, but it seems as if that deal has come to an end based on multiple instances of Xbox-related Spotify use from Major Nelson and a posting on a Microsoft portal. The Spotify app has been available on PlayStation 4 since 2015, so its arrival on Microsoft's current console seems overdue for Xbox gaming Spotify subscribers. However, the Xbox console has been missing support for the service, but that may be about to change.

The Verge followed up and received word from "Sources familiar with Spotify and Microsoft's plans" that the Xbox One Spotify app was in internal testing, meaning it could debut soon if all goes well. But if that was the only evidence, this might be little more than smoke.

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You want more apps on Xbox One? No? A Reddit user has spotted Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, using the Spotify app on his Xbox, which could mean good things for Xbox One owners and those who aren't fans of the Groove Music app. In the case of Spotify on PS4, you can outright replace any game's music with whatever you're playing from Spotify; better yet, you can retain sound effects from the game's audio while playing that music over the game.

Rumours are swirling that the music-streaming service Spotify could be making its way onto the Xbox One in the not-too-distant future.