New Black Panther poster revealed at SDCC 2017


We've got you covered.

It's also uncertain if fans will get a look at the Black Panther clip which caused such a glorious uproar, so in the meantime the original trailer will have to suffice. He sees what's trying to come in to Wakanda and he stops it. The former looks, basically, like Marvel's take on James Bond. Dressed in fancy night gowns, they blend right in, continually touching hidden earpieces to communicate, Mission: Impossible style. It starts with an extended scene at a casino with Black Panther and two guards breaking up a deal between Martin Freeman [Everett K. Ross in "Civil War"] and Klaue.

Ross and Klaue have a tense conversation on the casino floor, during which Ross hands over a briefcase (apparently full of vibranium).

"[The footage] begins with T'Challa walking through a metal detector and into a casino/nightclub". With good reason, too. Killmonger will wear a gold version of the Black Panther suit, and wants to rule Wakanda himself.

And this is where Black Panther reveals itself to be everything we ever wanted.

Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya is W'kabi, T'Challa's oldest friend and the head of security.

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At one point, she rips off her freakin' wig to throw it at a faceless henchman. The aesthetic of the city streets at night is bright and colorful, although the casino in which the earlier fight scene happened is a deep red (like most movie casinos) with a Matrix-green security hallway to be entered first (and largely ignored by characters who are almost all packing weapons that can't be detected).

X-Men fans will be able to piece together how T'Challa and Killmonger mirror the elder mutants. Ulysses returns after making his MCU debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Outside of the Black Muslim planet in the Riddick movies, a majority of our sci-fi films assume that the dominant aesthetic in space and the future will be Western or East Asian; here, we see what things look like when Africa has the most advanced nation in the world. We see him engaged in a dramatic auto chase through a South Korean city at nighttime.

Chadwick Boseman explained that Black Panther finds T'Challa returning to Wakanda after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Ramonda (Angela Bassett) tells him "it is your time", and he engages in some ritual combat. He explains he wants to be a great king (in voiceover) and the footage cuts to him at the United Nations, with tonnes of people taking photos. "I should be doing more", he says.

"You get to decide what kind of king you are going to be", a female voice says. Michael B. Jordan's Erik has an eye on the fictional African country's throne.

Black Panther opens February 16.