Minneapolis chief says 'fresh eyes' needed


Castile, who was killed last July, was shot by an officer during a traffic stop after he let the cop know he was carrying a gun.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigned on Friday, almost a week after a police officer fatally shot an Australian bride-to-be who had called 911 to report a possible assault near her home.

Harteau said she couldn't address the fatal shooting in person earlier because she was away backpacking in the mountains and had tried to return sooner.

Mohamed Noor (centre) fatally shot an Australian bride-to-be.

But Mohamud Noor, a community advocate who is not related to the officer, said the shooting "has nothing to do with the Somali community, period".

The BCA said the individual was seen on a bicycle on West 51st Street before the shooting.

Damond, a white, 40-year-old spiritual teacher who was engaged to be married in August, was shot by Officer Noor as he sat in the passenger seat of a police vehicle.

She was standing at the open window of the driver's-side door of a squad auto when Noor fired from the passenger's seat, said authorities.

Moments later, Noor fired on Ms Damond through the driver-side door after hearing a loud banging noise and seeing a man riding a bike nearby.

65279;Minneapolis police Chief Jane? Harteau voiced criticism of her officer’s actions
Minneapolis chief says 'fresh eyes' needed

"I asked Chief Harteau for her resignation, she tendered it, and I have accepted it". Officers confronted Baker and claimed he didn't comply with their orders, causing one of them to sic the dog on him.

Jesse J. Holland covers race and ethnicity for The Associated Press in Washington.

From Sunday until noon Friday, the city had logged 55 complaints to its civil rights division, many expressing concern or anger about the shooting.

The audio was provided to CNN by the operator of Minnesota PoliceClips, a company that monitors and records police radio dispatches. The immigrants have been coming to Minnesota from their war-torn homeland since the 1990s, drawn by generous social services and the sense of community among the diaspora. The force started equipping officers with cameras past year. Her election followed that of Abdi Warsame to the Minneapolis City Council in 2013. Harteau was the city's first female and first gay police chief.

But there have been troubles along the way, too.

It was a small step in healing the rift between the citizens and those charged with serving and protecting them, but the goodwill didn't last long.

The chief and mayor butted heads again in April when Hodges blocked Harteau's promotion of Lt. John Delmonico to lead the Fourth Precinct, after the chief had already made the public announcement. State funding was allocated to similar programs to help keep the community engaged.

Minneapolis police Chief Janee (juh-NAY') Harteau (HAR'-toh) says she agreed to resign following the mistaken shooting of a 911 caller so the department can have fresh leadership. She said Thursday she had been on personal time and was in touch with her command staff.

"The actions in question go against who we are in the department, how we train and the expectations we have for our officers", Harteau said Thursday. In this case, he noted, the union has been silent and the police chief spoke out against the officer's actions.

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