Tennessee cracks down on speeding with new safety initiative


"Operation Southern Shield" officially kicked off Monday in five southern states.

- The Georgia State Patrol is cracking down on speeding by enforcing a new initiative aimed at saving lives.

Operation Southern Shield started on Monday in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and SC.

Law enforcement agencies across the state will be increasing efforts to catch speeders on interstates and highways through Sunday.

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So far, 525 people have died on SC roads in 2017, compared to 527 in 2016. Eleven of those fatalities happened in Clarendon County, compared to 10 in the same time period for the year before.

"When you cash a check for $50 at the bank, they don't give you $60", said Harris Blackwood, Director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. "We can look through this week and see how many lives you can save and how many injuries you can prevent".

Operation Southern Shield will have a press conference, tomorrow. In Georgia, the number of speeding-related traffic deaths has nearly doubled from 2012 to 2015, and previous year, there were more than 1,500 people killed in traffic crashes. "If the motoring public would take one important step - reduce their speed behind the wheel - we could start to see lives saved immediately on our roadways".