This Mum Spoofed Beyonce's Baby Photo And It's Taking Over The Internet


Firstly, B's mum clarifyed for us that the babies names are Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, not, as some had assumed, Sir Carter Carter and Rumi Carter.

Spotting the photos on social media on Friday, mum Sharon said she was amused by how unrealistic the images were in comparison to her own life with twins.

Beyoncé left us genuinely shook on Friday when she uploaded a photo of her cradling her two one-month old twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

And Sharon revealed while they just took the snaps "for the craic" - they quickly started to gather worldwide attention. I have the twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in the garden. "I haven't seen her in concert but would follow her as much as the next person".

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And somehow, given Beyonce's history of race baiting, you just know that Kellaway being a white women somehow had to stick in her craw.

And the most impressive part is that Sharon's 6-year-old daughter, Megan, took the photos. Ms Kellawa's six-year-old daughter, Megan clicked wonderful pictures of her mum. She gave us her best effort at capturing that exotic, Madonna-inspired heavenly glow with just a simple baby blanket and garden shed backdrop. She said "I happened to have a quiet moment in the afternoon so I chose to take a picture with my twins for the craic", she said.

The new grandmother also explained the meaning behind the name "Rumi".

In her caption, Tina points to stanza number three as her favorite, saying, "Sometimes we are the reason we can't find love!"