Some sick creep is holding Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's dog for ransom


Whitehead claims that Blitz was taken from his house July 9 while he was out of town.

The captors have reached out to Whitehead via phone on multiple accounts, demanding ransom money for the dog's return, according to National Football League player's post.

If someone stole my dog I would pay a lot to get her back. In Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead's case, he just wants his dog back.

"We pretty much went everywhere together, we hung out all the time". They broke into his home and then stole his dog Blitz.

Lucky Whitehead
Getty Images Rob Carr /Getty Images

A Dallas Cowboys star is pleading for the return of his beloved puppy after the dog was kidnapped and held for ransom.

Whitehead appears to have adopted the handsome, blue-eyed pup on May 13 and since then, he has posted several photos and videos of his pet, often sporting cute superhero costumes, and even his own Dallas Cowboy kit.

Whitehead also said he has received several calls from a number demanding ransom money and that if anyone knows has more information to contact him.

Nothing should ever come between man and man's best friend. "But I just want the dog back".

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