Ryan Phillippe Reveals Photo in Hospital, Suffers Strange Leg Injury


He later explained on Twitter that he broke his leg during a family outing Sunday and it required "surgical attention", but he will make a full recovery.

It looks like the actor had a leg injury.

Phillippe posted the photo on Monday to "shoot down" rumors he severely injured himself on the set of his hit US series, Shooter.

Ryan Phillippe is now in the hospital and just shared some photos from his hospital bed, showing what appears to be a leg injury.

In order to calm down the people who were anxious about his safety, he also showed a thumbs up and captioned the photo, 'I am going to be ok, and I appreciate your concern. -me'.

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We hope he will recover quickly!

It's not clear if the 42-year-old actor sustained his injuries on the set of the USA Network show "Shooter", in which he plays exiled Marine marksman Bobby Lee Swagger.

"It's a tough show to shoot", he told Popsugar.

He said in an interview with Collider published in November that he insisted on doing all of his own stunts for the show. It's exhausting. I've got bruises.